Virtual or Face to Face Team Coaching Sessions

Decide whether to focus on Team Purpose, Strategy, Vision or Team Relationships

Decide between a virtual or face-to-face meeting

Pick a meeting that suits you. Face-to-Face or virtual meetings to suit your fast paced industry

Develop a stronger team

Use our coaching to make changes and develop a strong, collaborative team. Boost productivity and performance levels 

virtual, or face-to-face, team coaching to shift how your team operates

In times of uncertainty and fast-paced industry change, there is an increased need for teams to keep themselves relevant. The team coaching process helps teams to work towards a common purpose, improve their performance, make powerful choices, and take affirmative action towards delivering their strategic goals. Using a team coach, your team will be more aligned, efficient, and ultimately able to cultivate longer term excellence and success.


Team coaching involves working with your team to develop individual, and group, behaviours that will align to your organisation’s collective purpose – this includes focusing on Team Purpose, Vision and Strategy, and Team relationships, as well as Shareholder expectations and relationships, towards a more collective leadership approach. A safe environment is created where team members feel willing to have tough conversations and provide valuable feedback around the team’s internal and external systemic dynamics.


Align your organisation's collective purpose


Boost performance levels


Understand your team's systemic dynamics


Opportunity to develop a strong, collaborative team, focusing on Purpose and Strategy; internal Team dynamics; and external Stakeholder relationships
Boosts productivity and performance levels
Develops comfort with ambiguity and change, with healthy boundary setting


Joanna is accredited as an advanced Systemic Constellations for Business practitioner working with team dynamics, offering both virtual, and face to face, team coaching interventions. This could take the form of an Enneagram assessment team intervention, a Systemic Constellation for the executive team, or a tailored team coaching intervention around topics such as resilience, managing change or managing conflict and feedback.

Virtual team coaching interventions are typically 3 hours in length, whilst face to face team coaching interventions typically run for a half day or a full day.

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